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I think this is a 'must see' video by 60 Minutes News – (once I saw this video I went and investigated how to make the liquid vit C that helped Alan walk out of the hospital – loren)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twUVWv0fpRc = 60 minutes news channel - It talks about Alan Smith from New Zealand, who was on a life support machine because of serious pneumonia complications and leukaemia and his doctors wanted to turn his machine off - but his family put up a fight involving lawyers and the court system, to give him Vitamin C and he was back in full health within days. We now have a Vit C even more powerful than the intravenous one Alan was given and which helped him walk out of the hospital. in just a few days.

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Ian Houston  -  ( is an author, pianist and very accomplished artist – L)

In praise of Dr. Clark and Loren¹s help and encouragement in following her regime for overcoming illness.

In January 2002 I began to experience a rapid deterioration of the bladder.  This showed itself in an increase in the number of visits to the lavatory and an imperious demand that it should be now!   When blood began to appear in the urine I sought advice from my doctor and a physical examination suggested something other than a prostate problem and a hospital examination was arranged.  

The pattern of life was severely disrupted and I decided to seek a second opinion from Loren as she was treating my wife following a cancer operation.   At Loren¹s suggestion I embarked on the herbal Kidney Cleanse and Pathogen Cleanse devised by Dr. Clark and used colloidal silver and backed this up with the use of a zapper, a Rife Machine then progressing to the Loren’s  e-Lybra.   Later I undertook a saliva analysis with Roy MacKinnon.

The eventual hospital examination revealed a non-malignant cyst on a kidney and a polyp in the bladder which was considered to be the source of the bleeding and which needed to be removed.
Loren¹s recommended treatment had been so successful that I decided that I would try to avoid any surgery under anesthetic.    At this time I continued the Kidney Cleanse,  zapping and e-Lybra.   Urination had returned to normal and the appearance of blood occurred to a far lesser degree.

In September, however, I had a sudden large discharge of blood and since then I have had no further symptoms.

The consultation with Roy McKinnon revealed that the analysis had shown that a dramatic ‘clean-up’ had indeed taken place and that a cancerous presence had been tackled successfully.   The remaining potentially harmful parasites and foreign metals are now being addressed with Loren’s regime and no further hospital visits are needed.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for being returned to full health in such an inwardly harmonious fashion and with an increased sense of energy and well-being.

PS   Why is this system not better known?  Is it the habitual way of thinking which distrusts a new approach even where accepted ones fail?


Norwich City FC Club Captain and International Football Player Russ Martin Says

Russell Martin made no secret of his fight with ulcerative colitis (see Daily Mail article), but now after just 3 treatments5 with Loren at Self Heal Pain he has been given the ‘all clear.’

Recently Russ went for his normal check up with his specialist and reported to Loren that his blood tests, etc. showed no markers of colitis

Loren said that ‘Russ told me at the beginning of his therapy, “If you can get me to the stage where I can drink milk with my coffee, I will love you forever.”  Well I am holding Russ to his word  because he can now drink milk by the pint and eat a normal diet with no debilitating effects.

Russ’s wife Jasmine has followed her husband with the recommended treatments as she felt bloated after each meal and this was not good, especially as her stomach looked odd on her slim frame.  After just 2 treatments Jaz felt the difference and all the bloating stopped immediately.

Their son, who at one year old, had the usual sniffles and Russ and Jazz asked Loren if he could take the same remedies, the answer was “Yes” and they gave him LET, special Vitamin C, made by Loren using an ultrasonic machine, and the sniffles became a thing of the past.

One Friday, before a big game on Saturday, Russ rang Loren as he had the start of ‘a cold’ sore throat, aching, etc, and wanted to know if she could help; Ray, Loren’s husband, delivered the appropriate remedy and he awoke on Saturday free of symptoms and went on to lead the team to a famous victory.  Consequently he was provided with a ‘flu survival kit’ so Russ can now fight his own battles and raise his immunity.

Russ and his family are now regular visitors to Self Heal Pain as Russ wants them all to keep up a healthy regime, keep drinking delicious milk and to make sure their immune systems are always fighting fit.

If you know anyone who is in a health struggle and needs a second opinion and a different way of tackling issues, please take a look at our web site and find our e-Lybra and testimony pages which explain how to rebalance and how others found their wellbeing.

Take care, naturally




Deanna’s Testimony

I have been a nurse for 32 years and have seen my share of sickness and pain.  However, my own health history sometimes makes me shudder!

My name is Deanna and now arriving at the great age of 67, I have learnt a thing or two on my life’s journey.     At the age of 3, I had a very bad accident which caused internal tearing and a great deal of shock, unfortunately I didn’t receive the right kind of care which a 3 year old certainly needed.  By the age of 9, I realised how terrified I had become of my alcoholic father and by then we were all living in the ‘workhouse’ without him.   Over the next few years I spent my life in and out of children’s homes and then fostered at one point, for 6 months.  The police had also become frequent visitors because of my father.

Things started to go wrong for me when I began to experience some pain in my finger.  The local doctor told me it was gout and prescribed some water tablets, which soon took me into a slippery slope of even more discomfort and pain.

Between the ages of 23 and 28, I endured pneumonia, pleurisy and a terrible bout of influenza which culminated in a nervous breakdown; then in the middle of all this, at the age of 26, I had all my teeth taken out.  It seemed like there was one thing after another as at 32,  I fell and slipped 2 discs and by the time I was 54, I had a complete hysterectomy, then gallbladder and bile duct removed.  Slowly but surely the amount of pills, potions and lotions I began to take reached 19 (see picture) and these were also starting to be a concern as I understood that the side effects to each chemical was storing up its own problem within my body.  I knew I had to seriously re-examine everything,  when a blood test showed up that my kidneys were in trouble.

Even through all these bad times, I trained as a nurse and worked at the University Hospital and Bupa in Management and in my spare time I began to search and research into Alternative Health methods as I believed there must be a more natural and safer way of living.  Fortunately,  I began to see Caroline, a very competent Osteopath and she recommended me to see Loren who is an     e-Lybra Bio-Resonance therapist, as Caroline had experienced, from her very first treatment, much more energy and even her fear of spiders had diminished.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and sure enough, on my first treatment, I knew I was on the right track.  I felt much better and I knew I could begin to reduce my medication.  The first ones I stopped were the pain killers and half of my blood pressure tablets.  It was wonderful, even my friends commented on how young I was looking; my skin and hair started to rejuvenate and the pains in my leg stopped so I could drive safely again.  Loren suggested a detox cleanse and build my immune system with special vitamin C called LET and I soon felt my health once again, back in my own hands.

UpDate I’m still detoxing and learning more about Self Health, so things are shifting around and sometimes it’s not always comfortable, but it took me a long time to get into a bad place so it may take a while yet.  But it’s worth everything to feel stronger and stronger most days. 

I have also tried Loren’s newest ‘zapper’ and incredibly, from the very first treatment, it took away the constant pain in my finger which had been so very awful from arthritis, and also the pain in my feet, so things are certainly looking better and better.  Please call me if you need help on your journey as I think life is about helping each other, the way I have been helped.

regards, Deanna


Testimony from Myschell Lyndle, BIAE  (Fantastic testimony from Myschell, a very competent therapist dealing with Hydrotherm and Cosmetic procedures Loren)

My Symptoms and Diagnosis. ­

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, however I first fell ill in 2009 with a flu like illness, which knocked me for six and I feel I did not fully recover from.

At the time I became sick I lived in the highlands of Scotland.  I cannot be certain what the cause was but I do remember being bitten severely by mosquitoes and suchlike.

I have listed below the main symptoms I was experiencing (there were many, many more);

  • Costocondritis (inflammation of the ribcage so even breathing is painful)

  • Cranial neuritis (inflammation of the nerves of the face and/or head.  My head on the left side of my scull was too sore to touch and it hurt to brush my hair or wear my hair up and I had a numbness in my face)

  • My left eye was continually watering and stinging.

  • Floaters in both eyes.

  • Cognitive inefficiency

·         Encephalopathy (Difficulty in word recall, the brain finds alternative words of similar meaning and sometimes I was unable to speak coherently at all, as I was unable to find the correct words)

·         Myelitis (a shaking of the spinal column,, sometimes violently and sometimes just a tremor)

  • Meningitis (inflammation of the brains enveloping membrane).

After numerous visits to the doctors, it became obvious they were seemingly unable to cure me, so I undertook my own research; this is when I became aware of Lyme Disease, the symptoms of which appeared to match mine exactly (the combination of these symptoms are known as Bannwarth's syndrome, which is the most frequent symptom of Lyme disease).

 Having conducted my research, in 2012 I asked my doctor to perform a blood test specifically aimed at identifying Lyme Disease markers.  I was given an ELISA test, which whilst is an established test for Lyme Disease, is unfortunately known to be inconclusive at times.  (In my opinion, a two fold test should be conducted, the ELISA test and the Western Blot test, the latter being more sensitive and specific, I was not offered the Western Blot test).  The ELISA test came back negative, so, Lyme disease was ruled out there and then.   Consequently I was offered nerve blockers for the extensive pain I was in, which also consisted of widespread muscle and joint pain.  At and round this time I also had 2 hospitalisations, for  Pyelonephritis (kidney infection) and Toxaemia (toxins/bacteria in the blood).

I just wanted to die.

During the hospital stay for my kidney infection I was given antibiotics intravenously, a short time after I developed Toxaemia, interestingly it is accepted that Lyme Disease die off of bacteria can often cause Toxaemia.

I eventually sought a consultation with a private doctor, who without any prompting from me, suggested Lyme disease.  I had another ELISA blood test, which again came back negative and nothing more was said by my doctor with regards to further investigations.  I decided to move back to Norfolk, where I had lived before I went to Scotland and to put my health in my own hands.

I was still seeing a doctor and I was referred to a rheumatologist and finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia late in 2012, so I decided to seek a Fibromyalgia clinic, which I found in Guys Hospital London.  On consultation it was confirmed that I had Fibromyalgia but no one could tell me why.  No investigation was done into what I was convinced was a secondary Myalgia.  This was never even acknowledged.  The explanation for the shaking in my trunk was anxiety!  This was from the top specialists in the NHS!

The consultation at Guys, once again left me with no treatment and the same diagnosis - Fibromyalgia.  It became apparent that, even when my handbag was on my lap and the handles were flapping from the shaking in my body, no one was looking at what the cause was. 

By now it was August 2013, I was broke, had re-mortgaged my home because I had been refused disability Living allowance because I could walk more than 100 yards without a stick and I could cook while sitting in front of the oven.

I was by this time, desperate.  Previously I had signed up to Dr Mercola's website and received newsletters.  One of these changed my way of thinking about my diagnosis and treatment.  It contained a documentary about Lyme Disease and the shocking truth about the poor medical investigations and diagnosis of the disease.  If I had not seen this I would have trusted the ELISA blood test I had in 2012.  Two years on and I realised I had been fighting Lyme,  I just had to prove it.  Lyme is generally caused by a tick or mosquito bite, blood transfusion, or even in saliva. I had been bitten by mosquitoes in Scotland, so I started to investigate.

The first port of call was Loren, an alternative health therapist and a lady I became acquainted with before I moved to Scotland.  Loren treated me with her e-Lybra machine.  Sure enough the Lyme disease bacteria showed up.  I then went to the herbalist for muscle testing and Lyme showed up again.  I insisted on another blood test through my doctor and the result was negative and I was refused treatment, despite sending through all the research I had undertaken.

So I conducted even more research and discovered a specialist private hospital called Breakspear Medical Group.  I paid £210 for a 2 hour consultation and filled in 10 questionnaires and forms prior to the meeting.  The conclusion was that I displayed enough symptoms of Lyme to warrant the further investigations and blood tests (Extended Lyme Panel, Ehrlichis Babesia, Viral Panel test and MELISSA), the cost of which would be £2,400.00.  Devastated I walked away.  I had already remortgaged and had very little income.  After consulting with the G.P. I agreed to have the Lyme Panel test at the surgery, but because my ELISA test came back negative I had to pay £120 for the NHS test.­­

Whilst awaiting the results I had another treatment with Loren, asking her to manually input the co- infections to Lyme Disease and 3 other possible viruses and bacteria.  The e-Lybra had already picked up Lyme so this was an extension.  I was shaking constantly at this stage and feeling very low.

The e-Lybra was set up and the program run. My shaking stopped immediately!!  While I was sitting in the chair it stopped completely and has not returned.  I also started a Dr. Clark cleanse.  Loren and I are continuing to work on the pain levels now, which are reducing with each treatment.

Please call me for an update, take good care.  Myschell Lyndle BIAE