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Jodie's story

This mystery illness can overwhelm me - the dizziness brings me to the floor, and the anguish engulfs me.

But can anyone find the cause??  I don't want pills that keep me limping through life - I just want to become whole again, working, living, loving, to be a complete 25 year old looking forward to a great life.

Pain and suffering has been my life's story for the past 4 years now and after leaving the Accident and Emergency Ward
for the 6th time this month, yet with the same symptoms getting worse = acute breathing difficulties, blood pressure very low, dizziness, pins and needles in my hands and feet, very severe stomach pains, swollen painful eye balls, hair loss, constant chronic fatigue with tremendous back pain, I still felt nowhere near knowing what was the CAUSE.

 I just couldn't go on.  No-one knows how close I am to killing myself. 

 This thought was constantly in my mind as now, yet again, another doctor is telling me that "It's all in your mind dear!!"  "You need antidepressants."  Oh No! I didn't want to go down that route of endless medication, not with all its side effects.  My best friend had been on them and recently killed herself, leaving 2 young children and I had heard of others too.  So now why is the doctor getting angry with me?  He told me that I would "never find a cause/cure for your eye problem."   Surely he wants me to try and get myself well naturally.  Although, whatever has been wrong with me doesn't seem natural at all.

 In my dreams, I'm a vibrant 25 year old with everything to look forward to, having a career, looking after my 2 children, who I've raised on my own, although my 2 year old son Henry has suffered right alongside me.  

 Four years of searching and suffering, spending thousands of pounds on different alternative cleanses and I believe that without them, I would not be here, still fighting for my life.  Fortunately, I remembered a friend of my Mum, Loren who had stopped her involvement as a Bio Resonance therapist but just maybe she would help.  I had heard that Loren had been caught up in the credit crunch with a different business she had taken on but was working on reviving her small practice here in Norfolk.  She understood when I said that I couldn't pay anything for treatment especially as she too was in the same boat; but she did say she would come round and see what could be done. 

 It wasn't a moment too soon either as my tooth had been raging for days and was now bleeding badly and I felt too ill to cope with going to the dentist.  Loren had bought her e-Lybra machine and within 5 minutes of being 'hooked-up' the pain was subsiding!! I could hardly believe it!  I felt stunned.

 The therapy lasted 2 hours and I could tell that things were different.  I felt tired, yet my spirits felt lifted.  I had more energy and less pain.  We were on to something GREAT!

 Not only did the sessions on the e-Lybra have a dramatically beneficial effect on how I felt in myself, they also detected the root cause of my mystery illness.

I understand the e-Lybra does not claim to medically diagnose, probably because our draconian laws prevent them from doing so but it is able to analyse the functioning of the body, in my case the e-Lybra had detected a certain carcinogenic chemical in my body, this chemical is commonly found on non stick pans.  I was given some non stick pans as a moving present nearly 4 years ago, which is exactly when my illness started but I would never have thought that they were making me ill.

 Immediately I stopped using the pans and to my absolute delight my symptoms started to dissolve away!

 After changing my pans and several further sessions with the e-Lybra, my health is returning and I am ecstatic.  Itís all thanks to Loren and her e-Lybra system, without that I would still be suffering today - if not worse!!

 If only people realised there is so much more to try than just going to the GP;  I managed to get myself better and you can do the same.  I have also helped my 3 year old son who had been suffering since birth, please let me know if you would like the testimony.

 Please call me for copy of the pictures I had taken of me when I was really bad, plus I would love to speak with anyone that needs my help.