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The e-Lybra 8 is a bio-resonance energy balancing system.

What is e-Lybra® ?  - By Victor Sims Inventor of the e-Lybra technology

The e-Lybra® System is designed to bring energy balancing with its unique technology which has been developed to enable practitioners to detect and balance imbalances using a fully interactive software program incorporated into bio-resonance equipment. The e-Lybra® is easy to use and has friendly ergonomically designed computer screens, with layouts that guide the user through the analysis and balancing process.

 What does e-Lybra®  do...?

The e-Lybra® is designed to analyse imbalances in the bio-field of the client and at the exact same time produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonises the imbalances found. These balancing bio-resonance patterns are sent to the client during a session via comfortable connection cables. The range of imbalances covered includes the complete physiology of the body, psychological, emotional and subtle energy systems. There are 222 categories containing approximately 300,000 bio-resonance patterns which the e-Lybra® will use to make a comprehensive body status profile.

The e-Lybra® then uses this profile to analyse imbalances in detail whilst sending balancing to the client. The items that are found in the analysis are stored on the database for the client each time they have a session. There is no limit to the number of clients nor the number of sessions that can be saved on the system. For new users there is an automatic balancing schedule that requires only one button to be pressed and it provides a complete analysis and balancing session, without the need for any further button pressing on the software or bio-resonance equipment.

In addition, all the corrective bio-resonance patterns that are sent to the client during the session can automatically be programmed into the bio-resonance capsule, pendant or drops for the client to take away.

 Why we developed the e-Lybra®  system...?

Many illnesses and diseases start with emotional, mental or psychological trauma that upsets the various systems of the body eventually causing pathology to change for the worst. The e-Lybra® will detect and provide bio-resonance patterns to help release the trauma permanently and balance the associated energy around the damaged pathology.

 What does it do, in more detail...

The advanced Practitioner may use the auto run schedule and also can take advantage of the incredible functionality of the e-Lybra®. The Practitioner may search the database of bio-resonance patterns (300,000) and select sections or individual items and put them into a formula. There is no limit to the number of formulae or size of formula that can be stored in the system.

Each formula is given a name and may be grouped with others. Each formula can be added into the client profile automatically so that generic or bespoke formulae can be used in the analysis and balancing process. Within the 222 Categories there are several hundred formulae that can be extracted and used by the Practitioner taking only a few seconds to create one’s own formula for specific imbalances eg. Synovial fluids in the knee, bones in the wrist, all of the organs and complete systems of the body.

Many Practitioners design very successful formulae which they then use for balancing for individual conditions and therapies. Other functionality in the e-Lybra® allows the Practitioner to scan any individual anatomical part of the body for imbalances and provide a complementary balancing pattern. Included as standard are a comprehensive list of allergies and intolerances.

Additional Possibilities...

The e-Lybra® can be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine as well as any other therapy. It is widely used to help speed up the healing process after injury or surgery. Because of the holistic viewpoint that the e-Lybra® works from, it is normal for the system to find imbalances that are present in the bio-field but not yet pathological. This is a great help as a preventative measure to help kick start the body’s healing systems ahead of time.

The e-Lybra® formulae can be used to create effective creams and ointments for all sorts of conditions, eczema, acne, face lift (favourite amongst women), for athletics, injuries and so on.

The e-Lybra® can be networked so that several e-Lybra®s can send data to a main server. This is ideal in a clinic situation where the data from several e-Lybra®s needs to be collected on one computer.

 How does it work...?

The unique interface between this bio-resonance system and the client allows direct communication with the autonomous consciousness of the client connected to it. The ‘bridge’ is the key to the interaction between the analysis of the client’s bio-field and its restoration to balance. Never before in the history of mankind has technology evolved to such a degree that now makes it possible for e-Lybra® technology to work at this level of consciousness and help make a change to a bio-chemical organism such as a human.

A typical balancing session protocol consists of 10 minutes initialisation/balancing program followed by 5 minutes full body scan. The body scan produces a profile automatically selected/tested from 222 categories. The profile is then used in the main analysis and balancing session which is usually run for 45 minutes. During this process the e-Lybra® produces bio-resonance patterns which are delivered to the client and also stored on the bio-resonance capsule which the client takes away and wears on their body. At the end of the analysis and balancing session an ‘after’ body status is recorded showing changes that have occurred in the client’s bio-field which takes a further 5 minutes. Lastly, a grounding formula is run for 5 minutes to make sure the client is fully awake before completing the session. Variations to the protocol include adding extra formulae for specialised processes such as addiction therapy, weight balancing, to name but a few. The use of the e-Lybra® is only limited by the creativity of the Practitioner.

Practitioner’s may also sample and create their own bio-resonance patterns using the built in sampling function. In this way your favourite products, remedies and test sets can be stored on the e-Lybra® for inclusion in any formula and to test against the client connected to the system and to produce balancing remedies to take away.

 How does it work from a distance...?

Part of the design of e-Lybra® incorporates a bridge to consciousness of the selected client allowing it to perform powerful energy balancing - at a distance i.e. client not present! Although this sounds a bit far fetched to the newcomer of energy medicine it is in fact standard practice. To make this 'bridge' as strong as possible the e-Lybra® provides a function to sample the hair or bio sample of the client which is resonated electronically and creates the signature of the hair sample. This creates an electromagnetic field and a unique energetic connection to the client. This 'connection' is then sampled and stored on the e-Lybra® system. When the client is being balanced at a distance the stored 'connection' is used in the circuitry to receive information from the client as well as to send patterns across this quantum bridge. Experiencing this type of balancing just once is enough for most Practitioners to open the way forward to using this exciting feature when and wherever possible. Ideally used for clients in hospital and as a general support 2-3 times a week.

Practitioner's of e-Lybra® say that it adds extra effectiveness to their balancing sessions because clients can be helped a little each day through their difficult challenges as a regular part of the support offered by the Practitioner. Many clients can be scheduled one after another, each with their own needs when e-Lybra® is used at a distance. It is not uncommon to give each distance client 15-25 minutes each night when the e-Lybra® is not being used for normal day sessions.

We at WDS attempt the impossible every day and try to make sense of this amazing phenomenon

This IS Energy Medicine at its best!

£25 per hour for your e-Lybra therapy.  (If you have a voucher please let us know)

For The House of LaVene clients, please ask for your discount.


Make single or multiple remedies easily and quickly in any potency 

Comprehensive listing of 2,700 homeopathic remedies from the current materia medica

Exclusive to e-Lybra® 9: Bacterial, Viral, Hormone, Fungal, Enzyme, Protein/Peptide, and Pharmaceutical Drug Remedies

Ability to select any potency in X, C, LM (so if you want 28c or 4x or 18LM then you've got it!)

Buffered Interface Matrix (BIM) variable potency

"They are equal to, if not better than serial or conventionally made remedies. They seem much cleaner and more precise."             

            Andrew Marsh, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, D.O., F.H.M.A. (UK) H.D.