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Many will know Anne LaVene, a local knitwear designer, this is part of her journey and she loves to help others regain their health.  Please ask for her mobile number-  Loren

Anne LaVene Knitwear

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Anne LaVene, I own and run a bespoke designer knitwear company, consequently I need to be performing at my best at all times, however up until recently, I felt I was dragging myself through life, one of the consequences of which, was low self-esteem, which in turn was affecting my business performance.

I had previously been treated for breast cancer and had received the all clear in my remaining breast, but now I had developed a rash around my neck and across my chest, a feeling of lethargy, my eyes no longer sparkled and my nails were no longer healthy and strong.  Life was becoming a drag and an uphill struggle but I was putting these symptoms and feelings down to the aging process and the effects of the menopause.

During one of my lowest ebbs I was fortunate enough to meet Loren of SelfHealPain who explained how many high street cosmetic and bathroom products can contain ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is well known to the scientific community as a skin irritant and is actually used in clinical studies to irritate and sensitise skin tissue and Propylene Glycol (PG) which is used as an humectant in antifreeze and brake and hydraulic fluid (check the ingredients in your toothpaste !!! – L).  These products along with many others can be readily absorbed through the skin and scalp and have been shown to accumulate in the heart, liver and kidneys (causing abnormalities and damage) weakening the immune system.  Studies have shown chemicals such as these are capable of producing both primary irritant skin reactions and allergic sensitisation including contact dermatitis.  Tests have shown it inhibits skin cell growth in humans and can damage cell membranes causing rashes, dry skin and surface damage.

During my meeting with Loren she explained so much to me, including, how my body needed the right vitamins and antioxidants and which food combining was best.  She told me about Rife treatments, e-Lybra energy balancing, Dr. Clark therapies and so much more.

I was so impressed by Loren’s enthusiasm, energy and knowledge I decided to follow her advice and the difference this has made I can only describe as outstanding.  My rashes are disappearing, my eyes sparkle again, my nails regained their strength and lustre and my zest for life returned.  I glowed and my thinking became clearer.  I lost my excess weight of 16 pounds in an incredibly short time and my energy improved by leaps and bounds each day (which was incredible because over the last 4 years I had tried every diet on the market and run every exercise bike till it burnt out, but nothing had stopped me from putting on weight, until now).

In short I have undergone a transformation and I would love to share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen, so please feel free to contact me.  Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank Loren for everything she has done and is continuing to do for me, Loren you really changed my life - thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,  Anne LaVene

Ps) please ask Anne her experience with cancer as she is very open and will tell you what happened to her with conventional medicine, however, she would definitely not go that way again.