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About us:

Us being some of the people I have had the privilege of working with and a 'swopping' of health tips that I have learnt from them along the way.

We have all struggled with our health in so many ways, from quite an early age unfortunately.

But it wasn't until over 15 years ago, did I really go downhill and suffered with so many problems including ME symptoms, IBS, inflamed lumps, skin and hair problems, weight issues, pain everywhere, addiction etc. and the list goes on.

Fortunately for me, things took a serious turn for the better when I was introduced to Alternative Health and for once, I was in control of my 'temple' I was in control of things going right or wrong.  I learnt that there was a great deal of health advice 'out there', much more than the usual people I met on the route to wellness. 

I felt empowered to find that there were other choices that needed looking at much more intently.

Then along came what seems to be such futuristic tools like the e-Lybra Bio-Resonance,  OraLight for Cold Sores and the Zapper which we have recently added to our 'wholeness armoury'.  We also have a local doctor who helped ud, please call for his testimony. We hope that you take a closer look at the info on this web site and that we may be of assistance in your journey to Great Health.

Blessings, Loren