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Hi, my name is Loren and my journey to wellness and having my health in my hands, began over 15 years ago.   After spending too much time worrying about my condition, I made a decision to find an alternative route and get myself well again.

One of the alternatives I found, that has worked for me and many others, prompted action to become an e-Lybra  Therapist because this therapy gave an analysis and balanced me like no other. Please see the e-Lybra page.  I also became certified by the Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene and followed Dr. Clark from her regime Cure for All Diseases – because she means it.

I learnt so much about how the body works holistically, especially when the mind is also incorporated, so a course on the Winning Edge really accelerated my thinking and emotional skills.

Beginning a new regime took a calculated decision but within a few short days my thinking became clearer, my excess weight started to ‘shift’ my hair started to grow and shine again and my pain disappeared.  Halleluyah!!!

If I can grow finger nails, fresh and new within a short space of time – doesn’t my whole body also change and grow?  Well my body certainly started to renew from within.  I was ecstatic.  Please see Jodie's personal testimony too as she really wants to help as she has been take from 'death's door' too.


Let us help you.  Where do you want to be in a few weeks time????

Self Heal Pain

It is possible – wishing you all great health and happiness

Jodie and Loren